Covid-19 Mask Policy as of 7/29/20

To the precious people of CC Calabasas,

In light of the recent positive Covid-19 test from within our fellowship, our love for each of you and our concern for not only your Spiritual growth but your physical health, after much prayer and discussion we need to ask you a favor.

While the science behind mask wearing is up for debate, we feel we should do all we can to protect each of you, so, we are asking everyone to wear a mask from when you enter the front door of the church until you get to your socially distanced seats in the sanctuary and then you can remove the mask for the remainder of the service if you would like

We would like you to do the same after service after you leave you seats (We will have masks at the door if you need one).

Please also be thoughtful about how much physical contact you have with others as we fellowship afterward. (Some are more comfortable with it than others).

This decision has nothing to do with fear but is out of love for you and your family

We take our calling to care for you seriously, and we pray you will receive this from the heart it is given.

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday and Sunday.

Pastor Dave

Pastor Tim

Pastor Joshua

Pastor Doug

And Pastor Mark